The Association of Scientific Research, Innovation and Technology was represented by Youssef Jdidou and Ismail Elhind at COP22 Marrakech, MOROCCO. This participation was in association with Tetuan Foundation for Experts and Researchers.

The Foundation is an idea to engage Experts and Researchers from Tetouan City, either settled in or abroad, to build-up the city future plan and vision so that Tetouan can reach a developmental position in harmony with it legendary history at national and Mediterranean levels. To this end, a new initiative called “Tetouan Foundation for Experts and Researchers” was establish under the umbrella of both Abdelmalek Essâadi University and the Municipality of Tetouan, on July 10th, 2016, during it first General Assembly in Tetouan. The Foundation aims within the new roles given by the Moroccan constitution to civil society organizations to democratize participatory approaches and to concretize scientific, economic, environmental & socio-cultural developments for the best of population living in Tetouan and it region. Thought it a new establishment, The Foundation is contributing to the success of COP22 by marking scientific civil society fingerprint as essential key to promote local development and to meet the challenges of climate as well as global changes. The Foundation is structured from General Assembly; Executive Board; Administrative Council; Permanent Committees for Integrated Development; Temporary Committees; and chapters in other cities and abroad. The Administrative Council is composed with Executive Board Members, Coordinators of Permanent Committees for Integrated Development, the deans and directors of Abdelmalek Essaâdi University and Scientific or Academic partners, in addition to ten members selected based on their outstanding expertise and scientific background. There are six “Permanent Committees for Integrated Development”; Investment and Economic Development Committee; High Education, Scientific Research, and Professional & Vocational Education Committee; Natural Resources, Environment, and Infrastructures Committee; Cultural Resources and Tourism Committee; Human development Committee; and Legal and Legislative Committee. The Foundation  organized asession in COP22 entitled “ Technology transfer and climate change” held in Agora, Green Zone, Tuesday 08 November, 2016 from 09h00 to 10h30.

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